Ray Buckley Announces Wave of Endorsements in DNC Chair Race

January 14th, 2017

PHOENIX – Following the DNC's first 2017 Future Forum, NHDP Chairman and candidate for national chair Ray Buckley announced support from several party leaders, grassroots activists, and DNC members from across the country. A full list can be seen below.

"Ray clearly came away the winner of the first DNC Chair Candidates forum today," said California DNC member and Western States Caucus Chair Aleita Huguenin. "In a field of impressive candidates, no one has a more comprehensive plan for our party's future—nor the experience to back it up—than Ray Buckley. Under Ray's leadership we'll strengthen our state parties to carry our candidates to victory and rewrite the rules of the DNC so that no fellow Democrats are shut out from the Committee's decision-making process."

"As ASDC Chair, Ray has always been responsive to the needs and concerns of people in the states, where elections are actually won. He'll bring that approach to the very top when he's National Chair," Huguenin concluded.

"I'm proud to have support from across the country from our party's leaders and activists," said Buckley. "The people living far outside the beltway in every neighborhood in this country are the ones who win elections, by organizing at the grassroots level. I know how to build a party from the ground up that can win everywhere, and that's what I intend to do when I'm Chair."

List of Endorsements

Aleita Huguenin – DNC Member, California
Evan Low – DNC Member, California
Babs Siperstein – DNC Member, New Jersey
Penny Gerber – DNC Member, Pennsylvania
William Shaheen – DNC Member, New Hampshire
Martha Fuller Clark – DNC Member, New Hampshire
Kathleen Sullivan – DNC Member, New Hampshire
Joanne Dowdell – DNC Member, New Hampshire
Maggie Hassan – DNC Member, New Hampshire

Evan Alvarez – Former Mississippi College Republicans Chair*
Jeanne Buell – Former Idaho Democratic Party Vice Chair
Jim Burn – Former Pennsylvania Democrcatic Party Chair
Robbie Checkoway – Former Democrats Abroad Vice Chair
Michael Colby – Former National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director
Sean Downey – Former New Jersey Democratic State Committee Executive Director
Hon. Peter Hoe Burling – Former New Hampshire Democratic Party DNC Member
Lucas Meyer – New Hampshire Young Democrats President
Stuart Milk – LGBT Rights Activist
Paul Penna – Former New Jersey Democratic State Committee Executive Director
Ryan Richman – New Hampshire Stonewall Democrats Chair
Marianne Stevens – Former Maine Democratic Party Vice Chair
Mike Tate – Former Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair
Jake Wagner – Former New Hampshire College Republicans Chair*

*Now members of the Democratic Party.