To the members of the Democratic NAtional Committee:

What does it mean to be a Democrat?

Being a Democrat means that our greatest strength is trusting in our ability to work with one another to build a community that works for the betterment of everyone, not just ourselves. We all learned that from Ray Buckley.

It is more important than ever before that the Democratic Party come together and show how we have the best interests of all Americans at our core. 

How do we do that?

Democrats need a leader who has firsthand experience in organizing and truly believes in empowering local communities—one who's knocked on doors and made calls themselves. Democrats need a leader who listens to everyone at the table and knows how to work together to find common ground—someone who has spent countless hours talking to voters and working with volunteers. Most importantly, Democrats need a leader who knows that talk of unity and progress is great, but it doesn't mean much without the Democratic victories to back it up. 

Our party is at a crossroads. The only way we come out of this stronger is by selecting a leader who believes in building the power of the Democratic bench—and knows that it must grow tenfold in the age of Trump—by investing resources on the state and local levels, not just in DC. Someone who was able to lead a state that persevered as a national bright spot for Democrats during an incredibly tough election cycle. Someone who never backs down and is committed to making the necessary reforms to get results.

That person is Ray Buckley.

We, the organizing staff that served with Ray in 2016, believe wholeheartedly that he should be chosen as the next DNC chair. We ask that the committee believe in him as well.

Thank you.

Rachael Dubinsky, Portsmouth
Maddie Abbott, Lebanon/Hanover
Kyle Kukla, Seabrook
Koedy Harper, Epping
Rachel Ryan, Manchester
Eric Hinkle, Merrimack/Nashua
Laura Smith, Fremont/Nottingham
Jane Symmes, Stratham
Ashley Motta, Durham
Annafi Wahed, Manchester
Sophie Loyd, Hampton
Ivana Hall, Amherst/Milford
Slate Goodwin, Littleton
Leah Goldman, Nashua
Mary Taylor, Hudson
Travis Greenfield, Plymouth
Thomas Austin
Maggie Rogers
Crystal Paradis, Exeter
Natalie Shaw, Nashua
Bronwen Murray, Hanover
Amy Knibbs, Plymouth
Simone Bell, Conway
Ashleigh McGuire, Wolfeboro
Alex Lopez, Lebanon
Adrian Koster, Peterborough
Katie Warshaw, Salem
Harman Droge, UNH
Craig McMahon, Salem
Gary Castellanos, Nashua