Statements from Ray Buckley and Keith Ellison

Statements from Ray Buckley and Keith Ellison

"While it was a tremendous honor to run for DNC Chair over the past few months, I am proud to throw my support behind Keith so we can ensure that the next Chair of the DNC is dedicated to investing in and strengthening state parties and ensuring that the DNC is an accountable organization. As I've talked to the DNC membership, it's clear Keith has widespread support, and I know as our next DNC Chair Keith will successfully unite and grow our party.

Ray Buckley Slams Trump over Immigration Ban from Muslim Countries

"President Trump may have set a record today in receiving a stunning blowback to his latest executive order restricting travel from Muslim countries. As a candidate for Chair, a member of the Democratic Party, and a patriotic American, I condemn this disgrace in the strongest possible terms. It is illegal, reprehensible, and the very definition of un-American. I call upon President Trump to rescind this order, and I call upon lawmakers of both parties to resist this atrocity and remind the President of just what it means to be an American."

Ray Buckley Announces Endorsements From Millennial Organizing Leaders

"Our party is at a crossroads. The only way we come out of this stronger is by selecting a leader who believes in building the power of the Democratic bench—and knows that it must grow tenfold in the age of Trump—by investing resources on the state and local levels, not just in DC. Someone who was able to lead a state that persevered as a national bright spot for Democrats during an incredibly tough election cycle. Someone who never backs down and is committed to making the necessary reforms to get results."

Ray Buckley Announces Wave of Endorsements in DNC Chair Race

"Ray clearly came away the winner of the first DNC Chair Candidates forum today," said California DNC member and Western States Caucus Chair Aleita Huguenin. "In a field of impressive candidates, no one has a more comprehensive plan for our party's future—nor the experience to back it up—than Ray Buckley. Under Ray's leadership we'll strengthen our state parties to carry our candidates to victory and rewrite the rules of the DNC so that no fellow Democrats are shut out from the Committee's decision-making process."

Human Rights Leader Stuart Milk Endorses Ray Buckley for DNC Chair

"I have worked with Ray Buckley for years in the fight to bring equal rights to all Americans. I have seen firsthand that Ray is a passionate, courageous, strategic leader. Like Uncle Harvey, Ray, too, has been a ground-breaker, becoming the first openly gay state legislator in New Hampshire, the first openly gay chair of a state political party, and the first openly gay vice chair of the Democratic National Committee," said Milk.